Lifetime Light is proud to announce its exciting range of "New Generation", induction lamps and lights.
Most induction lights are simple metal halide or traditional light fittings adapted to suit induction lamps.
Lifetime Light's, "New Generation" lights are designed to use our induction lamps which make them far more efficient and guarantees life expectancy of up to 100,000 hrs.
While other claim to last this long, Lifetime Light has been supplying its customers for over 8 years and backs its products with a 5 year, replacement warranty.
As a wholly Australian owned and operated company, we the source the best quality components and technology from around the globe. In conjunction with highly specialised induction technology engineers, Lifetime Light has developed its" New Generation "lamps and lights to suit its customers applications.
Lifetime Light is at the forefront of induction technology in Australia and assists its clients from the design phase through to deployment. Dimming and daylight harvesting are among the many options are available using the most up to date protocols.
Ask us today how we can save you thousands off your electricity accounts while providing a state of the art " New Generation" Induction lighting system.